Who We Are

Jarrett R. Woods

Owner of Waypoint Development, LLC , Jarrett created Waypoint to provide multifamily development expertise to clients across the United States. Since 2005, Mr. Woods has focused almost entirely on all aspects of multi-family 

development, including land acquisition, planning, financing, construction and lease-up. Since that time, Mr. Woods has developed over 1,200 units of multi-family apartment housing. 

He began as an analyst for a single-family lot development company playing a key role in putting together lot development deals for over 1,500 single-family lots in over 20 subdivisions, while also serving as a property manager for a 14-story office building in Dallas’ central business district and has since been involved in almost every aspect of the real estate business.

WAYPOINT DEVELOPMENT, 5938 Goliad Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

(972) 896 - 8025